Adhesive product exhibition in 2023 year

Adhesive product exhibition in 2023 year

In June and September 2023, we participated in APFE and ASE respectively in June and September, Shanghai city.

The theme of this year’s ASE CHINA is “Connecting the World with Smart Adhesive Future”, bringing together 549 domestic and foreign enterprises to participate in the exhibition, targeting global audiences, providing forward-looking information, technical exchanges, market solutions, and investment opportunities for the adhesive and sealant industry.

There are a total of 549 participating enterprises in this exhibition, with exhibits covering adhesives and sealants, tapes and films, dispensing, coating and application equipment, production equipment and packaging materials, precision instruments, chemical raw materials, as well as environmental protection, consulting, and formula services.

Adhesive, as a widely used chemical material, has a wide range of commercial applications, such as industrial manufacturing, medical protection, consumer textiles, etc. Every day in life, it can touch the texture of new chemical materials; On the other hand, high-end chemical new materials are important foundational materials for the “four bases” of industry, as well as key foundational materials in fields such as integrated circuits, clean energy, biomedical, aerospace, national defense and military, and low-carbon environmental protection.

In a diverse downstream environment, the core of adhesive material competition is to meet the functional requirements of downstream scenarios through high cost-effectiveness and high performance.

Fair APFE takes the materials, technology, equipment, and back-end die-cutting of tape and film as organizational standards, systematically presenting a complete industrial chain of tape, film, and die-cutting, building an international trade and technical exchange platform for the adhesive new and functional film industry.

Exhibition Content

Adhesive new materials include adhesive tape, protective film, adhesive labels, release materials, etc;

Functional film materials include photoelectricity/display film, automotive film, 3C/home appliance film, new energy film, packaging film, window film, etc;

Die cutting includes soft die cutting materials and equipment such as foam, thermal conductivity/shielding, insulation/conductivity, waterproofing/sealing, etc.

The two exhibition for us, mainly to know adhesive tape industry development and demand,some on industry tape, some on textile or plastic industry. You still could know advance development or special application in this fair.

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Post time: Sep-15-2023