LABELEXPO 2023 in Shanghai

LABELEXPO 2023 in Shanghai

Our company is currently promoting fully automatic high-speed hot melt adhesive UV label coating and laminating equipment, as well as semi-automatic shaft less unwinding hot melt adhesive UV label equipment.

As the first enterprise to promote UV glue and UV glue coating equipment in China, we have more than ten orders for UV glue equipment in the fields of labels, tapes, etc.

UV adhesive labels can be used for high and low temperature products, with no residue and good weather resistance.

In the field of tape, UV adhesive wire harness tape can be used on different parts of automobiles, with good resistance to high and low temperatures. Similarly, UV glue can also replace solvent glue in PVC tape, which is more environmentally friendly and has lower equipment investment costs.

For the release agent treatment system, UV silicon also performs well, with a solid content of 100%, no need for an oven, small equipment footprint, low energy consumption, and can be pre coated and directly coated without the need for placement.

Labelexpo covers various products, materials, accessories, gluing equipment, printing equipment, die-cutting equipment, and more in the field of labeling. You can learn about the latest development trends in the industry. This year’s label exhibition showcases the latest trends in the field of labels and the latest technologies in flexible packaging.


Post time: Dec-19-2023