UV adhesive and UV silicon application on adhesive tape and release coating

UV adhesive and UV silicon application on adhesive tape and release coating

With adhesive label or adhesive tape using environment developing, the request on adhesive performance have adjusted.

Frozen adhesive label, food label, harness tape high temperature environment performance high request, normal hot melt PSA couldn’t match product request. UV adhesive good specification will solve these problems.

The curing of UV glue is fast and the reaction is controllable; Solvent-free and pollution-free; Suitable for automated tasks. 2. Wide range of bonding materials, high bonding strength, structural bonding, and wide application range. 3. Excellent optical performance; The adhesive is colorless and transparent, with a light transmittance of over 90% after curing, and is known as shadowless adhesive. 4. Excellent weather resistance and no yellowing;

UV glue has good weather resistance and is suitable for high and low temperature environments. It can be removed without residue and can be used on food labels.

Solvent free, no need for drying device, UV lamp irradiation, environmentally friendly.

UV silicon can be used on equipment that integrates online silicon coating and adhesive. For BOPP tape or products that require online release treatment, UV silicon is a good choice. The UV silicon system is different from ordinary solvent silicon equipment. UV silicon only requires UV lamp irradiation to complete curing and achieve release surface. UV silicon solid content is 100%, with low weight. Fully automatic equipment. It can be connected to the hot melt adhesive or UV adhesive coating machine for use, needn’t to storage the film for hours or days to do next step.

Post time: Dec-19-2023