SR-C200 Hot melt adhesive film extrusion coating machine

SR-C200 Hot melt adhesive film extrusion coating machine

Method: extrusion & slot die coating.
Coating thickness: 0.1-1.5mm.
Unwinder & rewinder with magnetic powder.
Speed: 50m/min
PLC touch screen control operation
Coating precision: 8%.
Slot die or rotary bar coating technology depends on product request.
Extrusion melting system same with extrusion machine system.
With guiding, edge film cutting system, thickness measure unit.

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Equipment introduction

Slot die or rotary bar coating head, for high temperature resistance material using.
Extrusion melting system for high CPS hot melt adhesive, TPU/EVA/PA/PU or high cps hot melt PSA.
Application like luggage, belt, shoes, civil using etc..
Film thickness 0.1-1.5mm.
Equipment normally for thick hot melt adhesive making and high temperature resistance material, or some material that have infiltration request.
If product has high bonding request, extrusion & slot die technology is good choice.

The textile and shoes accessories industry has always been in constant search for advanced machinery that can provide precise and efficient coating solutions. Meet our groundbreaking Slot Die & Extrusion Machine, a game-changer in the field! This cutting-edge machine has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of the fabric industry and shoes accessories manufacturers, offering an array of exceptional features that will revolutionize the way you create products.
Furthermore, our machine boasts an extrusion melting system, which allows for the effective melting of hot melt adhesive films. This feature is particularly valuable in the shoes accessories making industry as it facilitates the production of superior quality adhesive films. The extrusion unit ensures consistent melting of the adhesive material, preventing any irregularities or defects. With our Slot Die & Extrusion Machine, you can be confident in manufacturing shoes accessories that are not only visually appealing but also incredibly durable.


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