SR-A280 Semi automatic shaftless hot melt adhesive label coating lamination machine

SR-A280 Semi automatic shaftless hot melt adhesive label coating lamination machine

Coating method: rotary bar coating
Coating gsm: 10-100g/m2
Coating precision: ≤35g/m2±1g
Coating speed: 50-280m/min
Coating width: 500-2000mm
Shaftless unwinding system

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Shaftless unwinder, pneumatic control.
Full automatic cutting function rewinder, needn’t stop equipment to operate.
Maximum speed 280m/min.
Automatic process guiding system.
Constant tension control.
PLC touch screen program, Siemens brand.
Length automatic control.
Adhesive pressure testing before filter and automatic alarm system.

Equipment introduction

Application for PET, PP, OPP film label, paper label or other high grade quality label product, with coating lamination function.
Coating precision less than 6%. We design and manufacture coating head by ourselves, structure, runner and precision same with International brand.
Die head angle could adjust, front & back, up & down movement.
Melting tank with adhesive pump, control adhesive pressure.
PLC touch screen controls system, could adjust adhesive gsm and coating width, and other data that show on it.
Rotary bar coating technology adhesive surface smooth, clear, no line, different with slot die coating technology.
Equipment easy operate, raw material unwinder shaftless, hydraulic control lifting, rewinder is turret full automatic, two position automatic change.

Electric heating replace traditional oil heating, prevent roller inside carbonation problem.
Rotary bar international brand, wear resistance.
All process will be tested before shipment.
More than 23 years experience in equipment design.
Cost-effecient solution for client hot melt adhesive coating machine request.
This type equipment coating technology still could be adjusted according request, like use slot die coating & shaftless, equipment structure beautiful, configuration better than normal semi automatic equipment.
Rewinder frequency motor control, steel wall thickness thicker than normal type unit.
Rewinder could be with electric hoist, easy to get the roller off.
Shaftless unwinding system operation not complex, could be show in video.


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