SR-UVC200 Full automatic harness tape hot melt adhesive UV coating machine

SR-UVC200 Full automatic harness tape hot melt adhesive UV coating machine

Coating way slot die coating
Coating gsm: 10-100g/m2
Coating accuracy: 35g/m2±1g
Speed: 20-200m/min
Max. Coating width: 2000mm

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Full auto convert unwinder & rewinder.
Full auto cutting function unwinding & rewinding.
24hrs running no stop.
Auto guiding system.
Constant tension control.
PLC touch screen, Siemens brand.
Length automatic control.
Adhesive pressure testing before filter and automatic alarm system.
Thickness online measure unit

Equipment introduction

Professional equipment for UV adhesive harness tape, this line mainly use UV, still could use hot melt PSA.
Coating accuracy less than 6%. Die head is made by ourselves, structure, runner and quality same with international brand.
Slot die coating could do strip coating
Die head angle could adjust, forward & back, lifting movement.
Full automatic equipment, unwinder & rewinder new turret structure, two positions change automatic, needn’t stop.
Maximum Speed 200m/min, depends on UV lamp quantity.
Before adhesive coating and after lamination with thickness measure unit, two sets measure unit, could know substrate and adhesive coating precision, adjust the adhesive on screen directly.
Melting tank with adhesive pump control adhesive pressure.

PLC touch screen control system could adjust adhesive gsm, coating width and other data.
UV adhesive product with IST lamp system, professional for UV product, good performance.
Equipment still could be used on high adhesive product.
Before adhesive coating has substrate high temperature press treatment, add infiltration effect.
Die head has hand valve to trim the adhesive after screen adjust but still have less different.
For harness tape, this one is full automatic line, still have narrow width testing equipment, 360mm coating width, speed about 50-80m/min.
UV adhesive harness tape, could be used in low to high temperature, like around car motor or other low temp. environment. Adhesive performance stable, removable.


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