SR-A80 Hot melt adhesive label coating lamination machine

SR-A80 Hot melt adhesive label coating lamination machine

Rotary bar coating technology.
Width: 200-500mm.
Speed: 80m/min.
For PET/paper label.
With guiding unit, constant tension.
Could be design with UV adhesive & UV lamp

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Equipment introduction

Single arm shaft design, two unwinder & one rewinder.
Testing equipment for less capacity manufacturing or laboratory using.
Adhesive less than 50g/m2.
Cooling roller could be design in bigger type for UV adhesive position and good cooling performance, fast speed still need big cooling roller.
Application for PET/OPP film label, paper label or other high grade quality label product, with coating lamination.
Coating precision less than 6%. coating head is made by ourselves, die quality, inside structure similar with international brand.

Coating head angle could adjust, front & back, lifting movement.
Adhesive pump control adhesive pressure, be used on melting tank.
PLC touch screen controls system, could adjust adhesive gsm and coating width, and other parameters.
Unwinder & rewinder diameter 600mm.
Magnetic powder unwinder.
Constant tension control.
Rotary bar coating technology adhesive surface smooth, clear, no line.

Function introduction

Narrow hot melt coating machine, meet high efficient and precise request, less capacity. Small yet powerful machine is designed to provide a seamless coating process for narrow width materials, ensuring superior quality and performance in every application.
One of the key features of this coating machine is its narrow width capability. With specialized design, it allows for precise and accurate adhesive coating on materials with limited width. Whether you are working on labels, tapes, or other small sized material, this equipment guarantees consistent and impeccable coating result every time.
Notably, the coating machine is designed for easy maintenance and cleaning, as we understand the importance of keeping downtime to minimum. This modular design allows for quick component replacement and routine upkeep, saving your time and effort in maintaining optimal performance.


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