SR-UVC 100 Full automatic PVC tape UV adhesive coating machine

SR-UVC 100 Full automatic PVC tape UV adhesive coating machine

Rotary bar coating technology
Adhesive: 12-20g/m2
Equipment speed: 40-60m/min
Rewinder maximum diameter: 250mm
Unwinder frequency motor, with oscillating bar driving motor tracking system.
With cutting function.
Hydraulic loading & hydraulic pressure control system.
Process guiding system.

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Equipment introduction

Professional unwinder & rewinder structure for PVC tape
UV adhesive, professional raw material percentage for pvc tape
Rotary bar coating technology
Rewinder just in small roller, professional for PVC tape packing, full automatic rewinding system, could storage material, oven, relaxation roller, packing in small roll.

IST UV lamp
Coating head import special steel.
Coating rotary bar high precision hardness rotary bar.
Equipment with normal coating generator structure and ironing roller. UV cooling roller. All guiding roller is anti stick roller
Professional UV system structure for pvc tape.
UV system with quiet method efficient exhaust emission motor and pipeline.
Big steel cooling roller.


Design with small roller packing system, this machine revolutionizes the way you protect and enhance the durability of pvc products. Whether you need to seal joints in pipes, secure electrical wiring, or reinforce structures, this UV adhesive coating machine is ultimate solution.
One of the standout features of this machine is UV adhesive, unlike traditional glue, UV adhesive boasts exceptional bonding strength, enabling it to firmly adhere to any PVC surface. After UV cure, adhesive will have better adhesion, performance well. Ensure that is remain intact for long lasting performance.
The versatility of our PVC Material UV Adhesive Coating Machine is another reason why it is a must-have for any industry. With adjustable settings, you can easily control the thickness of the adhesive coating and tailor it to your specific needs. Whether you require a thin, transparent coat for inconspicuous applications or a thick, protective layer for high-stress environments, this machine provides you with the desired results every time.


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