SR-B100 Hot melt adhesive tape coating machine

SR-B100 Hot melt adhesive tape coating machine

500-2000mm coating width
50 or 80m/min
Slot die coating technology
Paper tape, medical tape, Kraft tape, aluminum foil tape, fabric tape.
Generator in one whole

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Traditional technology slot die coating.
PLC touch screen control system, easy operation, adhesive gsm and coating width are controlled by PLC.
2 unwinder & 1 rewinder.
Rewinder length auto or manual control length.
Constant tension control
Guiding system
Foam tape need different structure, with high shelf to guide foam material in right direction, foam tape equipment still could be for double sided tape.

Equipment introduction

Normal for medical tape, paper tape, aluminum foil tape, Kraft tape etc. tape product, traditional technology, easy operation.
Adhesive range 10-200g/m2, could be used for thick product or less adhesive tape.
All part in one set, unwinder, coating generator, rewinder all in one.
Each heating part temperature show on lamp.
Adhesive  pressure is controlled by adhesive pump.
Big cooling roller for thick adhesive product, equip with chiller unit.

Featuring a slot die coating system, our machine utilizes a precise and controlled application of hot melt adhesive onto various types of tape materials. This allows for consistent and high-quality coating, resulting in tapes with excellent adhesive properties. Whether you need tape that adheres perfectly to paper, medical equipment, or fabrics, our Slot Die Hot Melt Adhesive Coating Machine is up to the task.
One of the standout features of our machine is its simplicity. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, this coating machine requires minimal training to operate. Its intuitive controls and clear interface make it easy for anyone to quickly become proficient in its usage. Additionally, the machine's straightforward structure ensures hassle-free maintenance and reduces the potential for breakdowns. This means less downtime and more productivity for your tape manufacturing business.


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