SR-B200 Full automatic double sided coating adhesive tape coating machine

SR-B200 Full automatic double sided coating adhesive tape coating machine

Slot die double coating
Adhesive range: 20-200g/m2
Precision: ±5%
Speed: 20-150m/min
Width: 500-2000mm

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Slot die or rotary bar coating technology, depends on product request,some adhesive more need slot die, less use rotary bar technology.
Full line with two sets coating head, 2 sets unwinder, do double sided tape in one time.
PLC touch screen control system, easy operation, adhesive gsm and coating width are adjusted by PLC.
Equipment still could be designed in normal speed, unwinder & rewinder in single position, manual operation, still could be desined in full automatic fast speed structure, roller change automatic without stop.
Two coating heads could in front & back position, could be top & bottom do twice coating in fast way for special product, like cleaning tape.
With guiding system.

Equipment introduction

Professional equipment for various kinds double sided tape product, foam double tape, tissue double tape, film double sided tape, slot die or rotary bar coating head, easy operation.
Equipment could be design two coating heads different, base on different adhesive request.
Adhesive range 10-200g/m2, could be used for thick product coating if slot die technology, rotary bar advise less than 50g/m2.
Coating precision less than 6%. Die head R & D by us , structure, runner and precision same with International brand. Rotary bar from Germany.
Die head angle could adjust, front & back, up & down movement.

Single position shaft or full automatic two position convert.
Each heating part temperature show on lamp.
Adhesive pressure is controlled by adhesive pump.
Coating head inside runner design professional, adhesive coating smooth, uniform.
Big cooling roller for thick adhesive product, cooling roller with water hose, advise chiller unit use together.
Different adhesive gsm and speed request will affect melting tank capacity.
Anti stick roller for each guiding roller.


SR-B200 auto

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